Frequently Asked Questions

About The Private Hire Cook

Can I order something that isn't on the website


We will try to accomodate any request. The website is a guide to my services. Each order is devised with you so that it is exactly what you want. Seasonality of produce, cost and the cooking facilities will be taken into account. If the request can't be done we will discuss the alternatives and come to a happy compromise.

How do I pay


Payment can be taken in cash, cheque or bank transfer. Details are provided on the event booking form.



How do I confirm a booking


I will put together an event plan and send this to you, normally by email. You check and if happy with the arrangements, sign and return with your deposit.

Terms and conditions apply


Can I mix and match orders?


Yes, each clients menu is tailored to their needs.


If you want a finger buffet with a little more than the standard menu, thats fine we will put together a plan and price for you.


You might like some of the canapes adding to a buffet selection.


You can choose a starter and a dessert rather than a main.

Useful Information



Shop bought- yes or no?


Absolutely yes. The premade varieties from the fridge or freezer section in your local supermarket are very good. The manufacturers  have put a lot of effort into these. 


Sometimes we don't have time to make pastry from scratch.  Its perfectly acceptable to use them, particularly for puff pastry.


When batch baking I will make my own, sausage rolls, quiches and such but for family meals I go to the freezer.

Yorkshire Pudding


The trick to a good Yorkshire is hot oil and eggs. I use 3 eggs for every 2 tbsp plain flour and I leave the oiled tray in the oven whilst the Roasties are cooking, normally at 225'C. Whatever you do don't open the oven whilst they are cooking, check them after 10 mins if you need.

Conversion tables



Mark 1   275F   140C

Mark 2   300F   150C

Mark 3   325F   170C

Mark 4   350F   180C

Mark 5   375F   190C

Mark 6   400F   200C



1 oz   25g

1 lb   450g



2 fl oz   55ml

1/4 pt   150ml

1 pt      570ml

1 3/4pt  1 litre